Practical rest for moms with Deanna Mason

Did you know there are seven kinds of rest?

As moms, we often feel tired and burnt out. What we think we need is more sleep. Yes, sometimes we do. But, we also need the right kind of rest. Deanna Mason shares with us the 7 kinds of practical rest for moms. As well as examples of what they look like so that you can start practicing them!

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Physical rest best practices

Physical rest is the rest we think of most often as moms. It is also one of the most difficult, especially when we are in seasons of pregnancy and postpartum. Or have children with demanding schedules and needs. 

Sleep is not the only way we can find physical rest, though. We can rest physically by taking time to sit in quiet. Watch a show, or read a book in a relaxed state. Take a bath. Get a massage. There are many creative options outside of sleep. 

Mental rest

As mothers the mental load we carry is heavy. There is so much information thrown at us. Parenting methods/beliefs, nutrition, sleep practices. Plus the day to day mental load and decision fatigue that happens when you are responsible for children.

Mental rest can look like saying no to extras that don't serve you. For me, that is allowing myself to NOT feel pressured to read another parenting book unless I need specific help. It also means delegating and sharing the mental load with my family and community. 

You do not have to do it all, or coordinate it all.

Spiritual rest

Spiritual rest for me means slowing down enough to reconnect to my definition of God, and myself. Life can be so busy and demanding that sometimes a quick spiritual recharge from nature, silence, good music, movement or connecting with community can bring back that connection that was lost. 

Emotional rest

For me, emotional rest comes in many forms. They are often dependent on the season of life I am in. Mothers are often the place children direct their emotions toward so we are left to filter not only our own emotions but our children's as well.

Journaling is one way I find emotional rest. It allows me to process my emotions in an efficient manner.

Therapy is another form of practical rest for me. I get to process my emotions with the focused support of someone. 

Giving myself dedicated time and space to process my emotions physically also helps. I cry, move, and dance to get them out. 

Creative rest best practices

Creative rest, is only rest when it isn't obligatory Pinterest standards or home decor. I find great satisfaction from creative rest in the form of painting and gardening. 

I love to create beautiful spaces and nurture things. Busy craft rooms do not equal creativity all the time.  I now know giving myself time and energy to create is. 

Sensory rest

Oof. Sore subject as moms, right? But this is why I believe so much in decluttering for moms. Especially moms with many children. The more children I have, the more overstimulated I am. And the more I need less sensory input from all the places. 

Finding a way to make your environment less stimulating is a form of energizing rest. 

Social rest

You can so no to social obligations. 

You can also create boundaries around social media. If it is leaving you drained, overwhelmed and leading to comparisonitis – it's got to go. It is not rest. 

0:57 – what is burnout? 


1:58 – signs in humans 


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12:02 – Deanna's first signs of overwhelm in herself. 


20:02 – how do you recover? 


20:25 – the impact of rest 


21:17 – 7 ways to rest 


32:36 – Deanna's Sabbath rest and how that looks 


34:02 – how Krista's practical rest with kids has looked. 


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