The reason moms don’t declutter

Kids. Let's just say it. They are one of top reasons we say we can't declutter.

I purposely added “say we can't declutter” because I believe this is a narrative that needs to be turned around. This is one of the top things I hear when I ask the reason moms don't declutter. 

As moms we have SO much to do, and it feels like there is never enough time or energy to do it… BECAUSE kids.

But what if we switched that story and started telling ourselves, no, I am going to do this becauseKIDS.

Meaning instead of pushing the blame off onto our kids (I mean it is the easiest excuse in the world) we decided to say no, they are the REASON I am doing these things now.

I'm going to bet that your kids are also one of the biggest reasons you want to declutter

You probably want to have more time to be present with them. Less nagging, feelings of disconnection and frustration over the condition of your home is probably another thing you want.

I know it's a confusing thing to feel like the thing we want most is both fueled by, and hindered by our kids. 

Here is the thing though, this means you get to choose.

Kids are the most convenient excuse in the world

We can get out of social obligations because we have kids. Our kids can be what we use to justify staying in situations that aren't serving us, or avoiding conversations and actions we know we need to take but are hard.

It's easy to use them as an excuse for not doing things that are hard, or that we are afraid to. 

This is not serving you OR them in the long run.

I used to say I would rather spend time with my family than clean my house. Which is true, but it was a pretty excuse for avoiding the serious work I needed to do in my home to make it sustainable. 

Tell yourself a different story when it comes to your kids and why you haven't decluttered yet

You can do anything you want, and you have the power to choose.

When you look back on the life you made are you going to feel better about saying I decluttered my home because my kids deserved a mom who wasn't frazzled all the time. Or are you going to feel better saying I didn't declutter my house and take control of my days because I have kids.

I ask myself this every day when I have to decide how I am going to spend my time. Ultimately what I want most is to create something amazing with my life because and for my kids. 

Now they are my rocket fuel, not my excuses. 

If you want to declutter your home in 4 weeks and have a bunch (or not a bunch) of kids at home join us in Decluttering Simplified! We are moms like you who declutter together and have a whole lot of fun while we do it!

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support