We were named a top decluttering expert by Redfin. Check out the article we were featured in: How to Declutter Your Room: 12 Tips for Managing Bedroom Clutter Once and For All

I can’t even believe it. Redfin has featured Motherhood Simplified as a decluttering expert!

They had a round of 12 decluttering and organizing experts share their best tips, I even saw Lori from Your Organized life on that list! She was the Motherhood Simplified podcast guest for the enneagram and clutter.

Here is the tip for decluttering your bedroom from Redfin

Many people struggle with decluttering because they get wrapped up with cleaning out a single drawer. Then before they know it, an entire afternoon has passed by. To combat that, “start by decluttering the larger surfaces in your bedroom. Your such as your dressers, nightstands, and closet,” says Krista from Motherhood Simplified. “Once you tackle the larger items, you can clean the inside of your drawers and closet, removing anything you don’t need to make space for design inspiration.”

And here is another tip I really enjoyed. We can always use this reminder.

Disorganized spaces create a cluttered mind. “As you get your room organized, you’ll notice a weight lifting off your shoulders. Removing extra furniture from the room, purging your closet, and cleaning out your overstuffed dresser drawers will bring a sense of calm. Enter the process knowing that your home and mind will feel lighter when you’re done.”