Can you actually declutter the wrong way?

The short answer is, no, not really. No one is ever going to get anything exactly right. So many people will hyper focus on wanting to know the right and wrong ways to declutter, but then never take action on it. That’s the error. 

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The ONLY right way to declutter is to ultimately get the stuff out of your home and possession for good. I say possession because a storage unit means it’s still within your care and responsibility.

Some things that hold people back from actually making this progress and final decision and there for decluttering the wrong way:

  1. Not wanting to be wasteful. The waste was in the purchase. the money and resource. Decluttering is not inherently wasteful. Unless you are just buying things so you can declutter them, which is another conversation.
  2. Wanting to redistribute it to people who can use it. People don’t need clutter. And we already live in a society with a surplus of things we don’t need, and a shortage of a lot of things we DO need like community and financial literacy.
  3. Wanting to get your money’s worth.