Self care can become just another thing on a mom’s to do list that makes her feel like she’s not doing enough

And that defeats the entire purpose of self care! Self care for moms is making time to do the things that energize and support you. Then removing the things that deplete and exhaust you. 

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Obviously there is nuance in that statement above. There are just some things we must do that we wouldn’t do if we didn’t have to – laundry, dishes, diapers and a billion snacks a day. The key is doing the things that energize and support you enough to make those must-do tasks less depleting or daunting. It really does change your perspective and bandwidth once you figure it out. 

Moms need to weave self care throughout their days. Here are 7 kinds you can practice as a mom.

All of the examples I share below are not an exhaustive list of options. They are self care ideas to help you start adding some new practices into your life. 


Creating space for yourself to process emotions and be supported in them. This can be via journaling, prayer, meditation, therapy, mentorship, or a friend. 


Knowing whether or not you are energized by having social interactions, or by being alone. Or something in between. Caring for your social needs can be as simple as calling a friend just to catch up, sending a direct message on social media to connect or coordinating a night out with friends. 

You may be someone whose social needs are to be alone. That’s okay too. Be mindful of if you are isolating yourself though, or truly recharging in solitude. 

Social self care is very nuanced as well as you can see. 


Humans are creative by nature. This doesn’t mean crafty. It means we just love to create. Music, art, businesses, clothing, stories beautiful spaces, relationships. There are so many ways to create. 


Find a way to challenge yourself, entertain yourself, or learn something new. This can be anything from actually reading one of those books you have been wanting to read, teaching yourself a new skill or debating a topic with multiple perspectives. That last one is one of my personal favorites ;). 


This is the stuff we generally associate with self care. Baths, massages, pedicures, lotions, candles and things that are soothing for our senses. It can also be sensory deprivation. As moms sometimes our senses don’t need external soothing. They need to be left alone. That’s okay! And very helpful when you have small children on you all the time. 


This doesn’t have to be church or a religious text. It can be breathwork, nature, or just connecting to that feeling you have that makes you believe in something bigger than yourself. Creating time for this connection can be very powerful for mothers. 


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