Simplified Christmas and holiday decor | Part 1

Clutter free holiday decor

What was your holiday decor experience like growing up?

For me it involved a whole lot of stress and chaos. It was confusing because I felt like it was supposed to be fun but every time we’d pull the bins out I’d tense up as the holiday clutter compounded onto the regular clutter.

First of all, it was buried under the garage and under the stairs storage. Before we could even access the decorations we had to move piles of stuff.

Then the piles of stuff were out and a mess. I was the oldest of five so the younger kids would rip into the piles and create a huge mess, on top of the existing mess.

Then we would pull out the decor, finally. Pieces would be missing, or broken. We would put together the tree haphazardly. Then just throw whatever other decor there was around the house and use it as toys and glorified clutter piles until Christmas.

Then Christmas morning would happen, and more stuff came

I remember feeling so light and free when we’d put the decorations up for the year. Which looking back is pretty sad. I don’t want to repeat that experience for my kids.

I want it to be ONLY fun. Otherwise what’s the point?

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