Simplified Christmas Part 2

Simplify your Christmas | Part 2

I love to give my family and friend gifts, but it can feel all but simplified sometimes!

I think one of my best skills is giving gifts that are meaningful to the recipient. Especially during Christmas when gift giving is happening so much! However, I have a large family and my budget doesn't allow for me  to give everyone a gift. I think it is totally okay to have conversations around the expectations of gift giving within your family and friend circle.

Be honest about what you have time, money and energy. You are not obligated to buy everyone a gift, and you do not need to return the favor of every gift. 

If your family and friends have expectations that you buy them all gifts – spoiler alert, they are toxic and you definitely need to establish those boundaries. This is okay. 

Setting the boundaries

Boundaries are always about what you are willing to do and accept. It is not about controlling the other person, and it is not about force. 

Talk to your kids about the budgets you have to buy gifts for friends.

Create wish lists for family and friends who ask for ideas. 

Give suggestions for what your kids love and use, but don't make it a restrictive must be this only..

Do not make the gift givers feel guilty 

I have done this, and maybe you have too. That thing where you're so overwhelmed by stuff in your home so you tell everyone NO GIFTS! We only want experiences. Then everyone is just super uncomfortable because gift giving is an expression of love, and you just said – no love please.

I know that sounds dramatic. Here's the thing though, when you take ownership of your home, and declutter it you can receive gifts freely. You can accept gifts with nothing but happiness. Kick that resentment to the curb!

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