Simplified clothes decluttering when you’re a mom

This is how I simplified my mom wardrobe, and you can too!

My mom wardrobe recently had a dramatic make-over. Clearly I am an advocate for decluttering mom clothes that make you feel bad, or don't fit your life. I am even considered an expert on the subject. However this doesn’t mean that I declutter perfectly, or am done. No one ever is or will be. If you are… what’s the point?

Anyway, I recently had baby number four and with that came the season of hating everything in my closet and how it fits. Almost every day I am telling women and mothers to let go of the clothing that makes them feel bad about their bodies, and I thought I did a pretty good job of that myself.

Until I went a little crazy and decluttered more than half of my closet. Which was already pretty minimal! I don’t have a capsule wardrobe but I do have a simple mom wardrobe. 

Mom wardrobes can feel all but simplified. 

Our bodies literally shape shift. More than once, and often back to back as we grow and birth babies. 

Not only do we grow and birth babies, but we change our lifestyles dramatically. We enter and leave workplaces like we’re walking in and out of Target. Okay, maybe not with that much eas and excitement.

Really though, in the span of my birthing years I have essentially started and quit my professional and stay at home careers multiple times in my attempts to meet the demands of my family’s caregiving needs, financial needs and my personal ambitions. 

Women and mothers are the real MVPs. 

But our wardrobes suffer as they dance in and out of limbo. We haven’t even talked about seasons and weather yet! 

So, what’s a mom to do for her wardrobe?

Get rid of the clothes you don’t like to wear. I’m willing to bet that when you walk into your closet you are keeping a lot of clothes you think you “should” keep. Clothes that might be good for some kind of future event. Really though, you don’t like them and know deep down you’ll never wear them.

Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit. And haven’t fit for a while. 

Truth time. My dramatic mom wardrobe declutter that just happened started when I put on a pair of shorts that fit TERRIBLY. I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. Instead of doing that I got mad and threw them out. Not literally by the way. They were donated ASAP. My point is, they got out of my possesion and away from my body.

Motherhood is too short, and daughters are too impressionable to watch you cry when you put on your clothes. 

Keep the clothes that meet your needs for your life right now. When you declutter the excess you clear space for the future clothes you might need. You are not only clearing the physical space, but your budget as well since you will have a clear vision of what you have and need. 

If you want more help learning how to declutter and maintain your clothes moving forward get into Clothes Decluttering 101! It is a full system for decluttering and maintaining your mom wardrobe moving forward! 

Clothes Decluttering 101


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support