Simplified investing with Chelsea, founder of Smart Money Mamas

Chelsea and I got the chance to sit down and talk about simplified investing. And not just investing for those aggressive and loud Wall Street men. We talked about how Chelsea’s mission is to help people, moms specifically build wealth and improve their lives. 

Help women build confidence with money

Mothers need to learn how to make their money work for them. The gender pay gap aside, what we need to know is the motherhood pay gap. Typical pay gaps are taking into consideration the women who have children and are still in the work force. NOT the mothers who opt out of the workforce entirely. 

We live longer on average than male counterparts, and we make less. This is exactly why breaking the stigma that investing is complicated, and only for “those kind of people” not moms. 

The basics of simplified investing

In this episode Chelsea shares the basics of investing. She makes it a whole lot less intimidating and she makes it feel within reach for us as mothers. By doing this she empowered me, and I hope you, to feel smart enough and competent enough to actually do this. 

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