Self care as a mom: simplified edition

Self care looks different when you're a mom.

Have you ever heard these things about self care as a mom?

  • Don't lose yourself!
  • Your needs matter, too!
  • Just take some time for yourself!
  • The messes can wait, your kids are only little once.

Or have you believed this about self care as a mom?

  • You need to be the one doing everything for your home and family.
  • Asking for help shouldn't be something you “need”. You can just do it all.
  • Grocery shopping alone.

If you answered yes to any of the above, welcome to the club.

I have taken a long time to figure out what self care means to me.

To me it is actively advocating for myself, and my happiness. Sometimes that looks like sleeping in without an alarm, other times it means going on a day trip alone.

It also means doing things that actively energize me. Drinking more water than coffee in a 24 hour period for instance. Eating as well as I can manage to do. Getting outside, talking with friends.

Sometimes it also means actively removing things that make my life more difficult, frustrating or draining. For example, self care can look like creating and following a budget. Taking out the trash before it overflows. Setting clear and consistent boundaries with everyone in my life. Especially the people closest to me.

 The real reason this is challenging for moms

We lack support in our daily lives. It is pretty much expected that mothers “do it all”. When we try to practice this in our every day lives, it only ever ends in burn out. And virtually no time for us to pour into ourselves.

And don't even get me started on the whole “you can't pour from an empty cup” ideology. We know. We need help.

Simplicity allows for this practice to become your norm.

I teach exactly how to simplify your expectations, declutter your to do list, delegate and gain confidence in your role as a mom in my course Motherhood Simplified.

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Get the full transcription and closed caption video here.

1:11 – did people ever tell you these things about self-care?

2:30 – what we used to consider self-care

3:07 – what it is is to Krista

4:46 – hypothetical situation

6:20 – 2nd way Krista practices this

7:10 – some practical selfcare ideas

11:59 – so what is self care all about?

13:27 – learn more deeply about self care in Krista's motherhood simplified course only open for enrollment for July


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support