Simplify your period!

Let's simplify your period!

This is different than most of the content I share, but it's a topic near to my heart for many reasons. Let's talk about how to simplify your period.

 It's not doubt women are shamed about pretty much everything, including just being a biological female. 

Information is restricted, and watered down. Which leaves us with questions. Questions that are hard to ask, and awkward to answer. 

So most of us end up just going with whatever is easiest, and will draw the least amount of attention to our awkward feelings, and unknown questions with even more cryptic answers.

My truth about a simplified period? It's much more than hormones or birth control.

My period is closely tied to my overall emotional health. It dictates my physical health. And I know, this might sound really weird to you.

That's okay. I always thought my friends who shared these things with me were weird. Then over time, after trying a lot of things to alleviate my period pain I decided to give the weird things a shot.

And now not only is it not weird for me, it's been deeply transformative and personally powerful. 

The conversation with Angela might stretch you out of your comfort zone, and that's okay. Or maybe this is exactly the kind of girl talk you have been craving around your period.

Either way, I hope you enjoy and learn something new.

And definitely go check out Angela's content and programs. I don't get any kickbacks, I am just forever grateful to have found someone I can trust to give you great information and support. 

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