Spending your money on clutter

It only costs $5 has cost me thousands of dollars a year. And even more clutter.

Clutter is really just too much of anything, or things we don't truly need or have space for. Often we have it because of overspending on things we don't need or have room for. 

When it comes to shopping we buy and buy, often without giving any intentional thought to what it is that we are buying and why we continue to buy things that we don't need

What are your buying habits, and why are they that way?

I used to spend every weekend at the thrift store looking for good deals on things I didn't need, or have room for. Spending money I didn't have, on things I didn't need was my specialty.

When I decluttered and got really honest with myself I realized I was shopping and seeking these deals as a way to numb myself, and also feel some kind of excitement. I was deeply unhappy and the thrill of a deal helped me mask my real issues.

In addition to that I was also avoiding being at my home. Ironically I was overwhelmed by my cluttered home and coped by going out and bringing more home. It made no sense but it's what I did. Maybe you do this too?

I have never been one to stock up on things when they go on sale, but my husband does and this is another shopping habit that can result in clutter.

These spending habits are why we have so much clutter, and how it accumulates like rabbits. 

In the moment it feels like “just one thing”. Or like a wise purchase because it's on sale and you will use it eventually. However I have seen several posts and cries for help from moms with closets full of shampoo and conditioner, or cleaning supplies they don't know what to do with. 

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. These small consumption habits compound on themselves. They lead to cluttered homes, and empty bank accounts. 

Overconsumption is the real issue

Most of us are worried that we won't or don't have enough. Not realizing that our problem is too much. We are surrounded by so much clutter that we can't see that we have exactly everything we want and need, and are always provided for. Our clutter literally robs us from seeing our blessings and abundance. 

Shift your mindset around stuff and you'll declutter effortlessly

One of my favorite parts of helping moms declutter is watching this transformation. Moms will go from spending so much on clutter without realizing it to having so much excess cashflow they can pay double on their mortgages. One mom recently said in the three months she's been decluttering she has paid off all of her debt and has thousands in savings already. 

Not only are financial situations improving for these moms, but their homes are easy to be in and clean up. They have everything they need. I will even be as bold as to say they are more equipped now by having that cash freed up then they were with closets full of shampoo.

Decluttering is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your home, your family and finances.

If you want a short cut solution and the steps to take to declutter your home, get into Decluttering Simplified, my four week decluttering plan that will help you make this your reality too!

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