How To Start Decluttering Your Home

Not to try and sound like a 1950s housewife, because I am far from it, but homemaking has been given a bad rap these days.

Decluttering makes it a million times more enjoyable though. 

Simplicity is what makes motherhood and home making easy, joyful and fun – and what makes it the opposite is clutter.

When you walk into your home, what do you see? Dishes that need to be done? Laundry overflowing the baskets? Toys strewn across the floor that you’ve just stopped cleaning up because what’s the point? Throw pillows piled higher than your couch with blankets and food balled up next to them?

Everything you are looking at is taking your attention.

It reminds you of something you need/want to get done. Or something that is frustrating you. Ultimately it’s taking you away from a relaxing a peaceful night at the end of the day. Decluttering needs to happen for the sake of your time and energy!

I’m not going to be giving you organizational tips today. Or ever, really.

Because while I teach you to only keep the things that matter,  life hacks just won't cut it any more. So let's get to it.

Start by thinking about how a clutter free home will feel

Why are you emotionally invested in starting the decluttering process of your home? What is your motivation for making this change?

How do you want to feel when you walk in the door?

What about how your kids feel?

What do you want to see in your home when you first wake up in the morning?

It is important to start by asking yourself these questions to get to your “why”. Your why is what will motivate you to keep decluttering even when it’s hard.

Are you embarrassed to have people over because of the condition of your home? Tired of nagging your family to clean up their toys? Are you sick of cleaning up the same things over and over? Tired of washing just enough dishes to eat off of, yet still having a stack left in the sink?

You don't have to feel like this.

You can walk into your home and feel truly at peace. It can be your sanctuary and your escape, instead of something to escape. Your children can feel happy and carefree in your home and not like Tasmanian devils ripping through it.

Start visualizing these peaceful nights and mornings. Visualize what it looks like to have your dream home. Stop accepting anything less!

If there is anything that I have learned as I lived in 6 homes in the last 5 years it is that there really is not a dream house I could have built for me.

I can truly make any space a haven for my family by being intentional about things I bring and keep in it. Just a pro tip – you can build your dream home and live in it and still hate it if its full of meaningless clutter.

Having this strong image of what you want and why will help you with the next step.

Get a really clear image of what your clutter free home looks like.

The dramatic declutter
Take a day to go through your home and purge all the things that are in your space, just messing up the vision of your dream home. The broken toys, the mismatched dishes, the duplicate items, the raggedy pillows and blankets, the clothes with holes, the clothes that don’t fit, the appliances you don’t use and never will. Your junk drawer.. throw it away. Seriously. Games with missing pieces, out. Shredded towels. Stained sheets and pillowcases. O-U-T.

Lack of organizational skills is not your problem. An overabundance of stuff is. Get rid of it.

That feels good, doesn’t it?

Make a Plan For The Rest

You’re not done yet. Just like one gym session isn’t going to get rid of your 15 pounds, one declutter isn’t going to give you the simple home you want. So make a plan for all the areas of your home, and put them on your calendar. Here are some areas so you understand how thorough this process should be.

Bathrooms (do one at a time)

Your bedroom

Kid’s rooms (one at a time)

Kid’s closets (separate from rooms, one at a time)

Guest/spare bedroom/office


Entry way

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen drawers



Living room

Laundry room

Hall/linen closet





Your closet

Schedule these areas out,

Dedicate 2-3 hours for each area and purge it start to finish! Start in the area that is your most daunting. I say this because I’ve always been taught to do the hard things first. It makes the rest easy. There is no sense “easing” into this process because you want results. You’re ready for a change. Plus the changes and satisfaction you get from it will be so rewarding and give you great momentum for moving into the smaller areas of your home.

When you start clearing out your stuff have a plan to actually get rid of it. It doesn’t make sense to clear out one room of things to donate and just move them to another room to be forgotten and clutter up that space now instead. Move it out, and then move it OUT. Out of sight, out mind is not enough. Your really need to clear your space for it to truly have an impact. You’re not done until it’s out of your possession for good.

What to keep, what to donate, what to sell, what to trash

Once you start going you may start to feel like you are just throwing things away that could be put to good use. You are likely getting rid of many usable to someone items, just no longer purposeful to you and this is a powerful way to make peace with the departure of your things. Here is a general donate/sell/trash guide.

Sell what you can to get some extra money, but don’t wait around for things to sell. Make things happen for your home.

Broken items

Stained items

Missing pieces

Generally unusable




Unnecessary items

Items you “might use one day”


Large items like couches, chairs, appliances, electronics
*but ONLY if they sell quickly. If they sit on a B/S/T page for more than a week cut your losses and donate it! It's so easy to stay trapped in the clutter waiting for things to sell.

So – you know what to do now my sweet mom friend. I am so excited to see how you start to simplify your home!

If you're excited but still like – k, but how – go check out Decluttering Simplified for a full 4 week plan!


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support