How To Stop Having Laundry Piled To The Sky When You’re A Mom

Laundry piles – they are every mom's arch nemesis. Second only to dishes.

 Our kids (and husbands) have to wear clothes, which means at some point someone (mom) needs to wash them.

 We are family of seven so aundry is definitely something I have learned to be strategic about. I am not talking about how I wash, or a washing/drying/folding schedule. I am talking about the amount of laundry we actually are able to make, based on the amount of clothes we have.

Capsule wardrobes are coming back into style these days, and were originally created back in the 70s. I am not here to teach you how to create a capsule wardrobe, though.

Rather, I am here to tell you how MY family does clothes, and how it works for us, and how we always have clean clothes and I don't spend one day a week dedicated to this.

 We have what we need

When I say this I mean my kids have 7 full outfits, and then some additional weather items, seasonal/holiday items and items that family sends us because they love us. If you have kids, you know they outgrow things SO quickly. This is a big part of why I only buy what they need.. it's going to be outgrown in a few months, why would I buy more and more and more only for it to sit in a closet never even getting a chance to be worn?

We have what makes us feel good

I think a big misconception is that we have what we need, which means we don't get to go out and get things we WANT. That is SO far from true. Because we are so intentional about the things we buy and wear we ONLY splurge on the things we want. I am perfectly comfortable and able to spend a little more on higher quality clothes I know my kids REALLY love to wear and feel good in because I am not going out and buying anything and everything I see that I think would be cute. If I did, I would be doing laundry all day long on Sundays ;).

 We splurge on the good stuff

It's not such a big deal now while they are little, but I remember as a kid who grew up with not a lot of money, how badly I wanted high quality and trendy clothing. Yet.. we couldn't always afford it. So we would go thrifting and buy 20-30 items instead of 5-6 items I really wanted. It was fun to come home with a pile of stuff, but I really would have loved my clothing and felt a lot better if I were able to buy the things I really loved and felt great in. I know this can sound a little first world problem, but honestly I really want to be able to give my kids the experience of feeling good in what they wear. Even if that means spending more on less items.

I don't buy sizes up, or stock up a year before

I know many people love to buy the next size or sizes up when they go on sale. I used to do it myself and this is what happened. I'd go out and buy a wardrobe of clothes in sizes my kids didn't fit into. I would save them in a closet until the weather was appropriate to pull them out. The season would come and go and I would forget. Or they wouldn't fit. And I would still be buying clothes for them to wear. 

Now I wait until their clothes either don't fit, or are worn out (the older ones usually wear them out before they outgrow them now) and then go buy them seven new pants, and seven new shirts that can all be mixed and matched and worn together. It's basically a capsule wardrobe for kids.

Having one weeks worth of outfits affords us flexibility in space and effort for when we something REALLY cute we just have to have. I do have girls. I do know how important it is to be able to get that super cute outfit you really just want. Or for when family sends us clothes because they love us.

We have one pair of shoes for daily wear, and one for seasonal weather (boots or flip flops). Then buy new ones as they outgrow them or wear them down, which ever comes first.

How this helps with my piles of laundry…

I just don't have them any more like we used to. Everyone has one small laundry basket, and when it's full we wash, dry and put away. When you don't have a huge wardrobe to fall back on – you do what you gotta do to have clean clothes ready! It is SO easy!

Not only is it easy for this busy mama to keep up with laundry, but we all wear and keep clothes that fit and truly make us feel good. THAT feels good.

Your wardrobe is only ONE area of your home though.


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support