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Decluttering and Weeding Your Home

In this episode, I share and explain the analogy that clutter is like weeds. I discuss how clutter doesn’t require anything of you in order to thrive, and it will destroy everything you want or need to thrive. Listen to learn why you need to weed the garden of your home.

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Motherhood Simplified

Decluttering Won’t Work if You Keep Doing This

In today’s episode, I share the first ground rule I teach all moms that take the Decluttering Simplified course to help them keep from bringing more stuff into their homes as they’re decluttering and how to get the best results when decluttering.

toys declutter
Motherhood Simplified

Good Toys vs. Bad Toys to Declutter

In today’s episode, I discuss whether toys are good or bad and share three principles for decluttering toys.

declutter without waste
Motherhood Simplified

Declutter Without Waste

Episode Description: You want to declutter without waste, and get things out of your home and into the hands of people who can actually use

intentional shopping
Motherhood Simplified

Intentional Shopping Tips for Moms

In today’s episode, I share intentional shopping tips, ways to introduce shopping intentionally to your children, and more. Learning to shop intentionally is one of

Decluttering when you work outside of the home looks like (click for blog and podcast)
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Decluttering as a working mom

Your time is at home is dramatically reduced which makes decluttering as a working mom uniquely challenging.

decluttering in a small home
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decluttering in a small home

We all have different sized homes, and we all feel like that determines our decluttering success (or not). I am no stranger to decluttering in

Is minimalism boring

Do you think that if you declutter, your life will be boring or you will always be bored? Is minimalism boring? In short, NO! It

Motherhood Simplified

can’t catch up?

You have already spent the day running around, but there are still dishes in the sink. The laundry needs to be done and once again. Everyone  seems to have left their stuff all over for you to clean up? Then you start to think maybe you can’t catch up.


Settling into a new home after a move

Settling into a new home can feel overwhelming and daunting. You just adjusted and rearranged everything in your life and now you have to figure out how to piece together a new home.

At the top of the image black text on a white background read "when you declutter you get"... Under that heading on the left is a heading that reads "more". Underneath that heading it reads "time + energy, connection with people in your home, mental and emotional well being. On the right there is a heading that reads "less". Under that heading it reads "overwhelm + anxiety, messes, doing everything yourself".
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Reasons to declutter your home

Moms often take on the burden of labor in the home and this is one of the top reasons to declutter your home if you are mom.

An infographic of the 4 reasons moms struggle to declutter: 1. Time 2. Energy 3. Money 4. Having kids
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Decluttering motivation and excuses

Decluttering motivation and excuses go hand in hand and are just two sides of the same coin. Learn how to reframe your excuses into reasons!

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Clutter and boundaries

Clutter is a constant encroachment of your boundaries. It is constantly taking your time, energy, space.

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Clutter and time

Clutter and time might not seem related, but I promise you they are. 5 ways clutter costs you time, and 3 ways decluttering saves you time. 

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Clutter and money

Money is one of the biggest things moms think about when trying to declutter. Of course it is, here are two truths about clutter and money.

things to declutter now
decluttering simplified

Things to declutter now

Sometimes you just need a good old list to check off! So, today here are 22 things to declutter right now!

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The half it method of decluttering

This is one simple strategy that I teach inside of my course Decluttering Simplified. It is an inside peak and just one small taste of what you get inside as far as training and support in learning exactly how to declutter your home as a mom. And it’s called the half it method of decluttering! 

A photo of a tree with a recycling traingular logo. A faux google search bar has "what is wishcycling" written into it.
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Wishcycling: how to mindfully declutter

We often overestimate what is recycled, aka wishcycling. We believe the solution to overconsumption is just more efficient recycling

The image shows a cartoon style home with pink text blocks that say "a drop in ready home means people can come over as they are. And you can welcome them into your life as you are".
Motherhood Simplified

How to have a drop in ready home

A drop in ready home means people can come as they are and you can welcome them into your life as you are.

This branded image is a light pink and navy blue color scheme with a flat lay of a woman holding coffee and listening to a podcast titled " 3 ways clutter overstimulates mothers"
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3 ways clutter is overstimulating

Clutter is overstimulating. Let’s talk about ways we can reduce overstimulation in our every day lives. Especially as mothers.

This image is a branded image with a mom holding a phone and cup of coffee. The color scheme is a soft pink and green, the text reads "why moms need to declutter differently".
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Why moms need to declutter differently

Mothers have unique circumstances, and unique societal pressures and expectations. This is why moms need to declutter differently.

This branded image is a photo of a woman holding a phone and her coffee. The image caption says "how to declutter and have enough, but not too much".
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How to declutter and have enough

I believe that rather than looking for lists of things we should have, diving into your home and decluttering is the only way to learn how to declutter and have enough, but not too much.

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The best decluttering tips of 2020

78% of people overwhelmed by clutter have no idea what to do with it. Which is why I gathered up the best decluttering tips of 2020 for you. 

Learn exactly how to declutter your home. Decluttering needs to be broken down into bite-sized, tangible steps that you can actually complete. This is your decluttering plan. In this blog you can get my best decluttering checklists, decluttering plan, and learn how to organize your home once and for all.
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How to create a decluttering plan that works

Decluttering needs to be broken down into bite-sized, tangible steps that you can actually complete. This is your decluttering plan.

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How to declutter with logic and emotion

Learn how to approach your decluttering using BOTH sides of your brain – they are both important and serve a purpose in the decluttering process.

decluttering simplified

How to be decisive in decluttering

Decluttering is just a series of making decisions. Learn how to stick to those decisions in this episode!

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This is how long decluttering takes

It feels like forever – but I promise you it gets so much easier! Hear what the process actually looks like.