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Motherhood Simplified

Good Toys vs. Bad Toys to Declutter

In today’s episode, I discuss whether toys are good or bad and share three principles for decluttering toys.

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Motherhood Simplified

Intentional Shopping Tips for Moms

In today’s episode, I share practical tips for shopping intentionally, ways to introduce shopping intentionally to your children, and more. Main Topics Covered in this

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How to include kids in decluttering

Do you know how to include kids in decluttering. We first need to understand why it’s difficult for kids to declutter, and to include them.

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Why moms need to declutter differently

Mothers have unique circumstances, and unique societal pressures and expectations. This is why moms need to declutter differently.

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decluttering with kids

Why and when you should declutter toys

These are the top reasons I think every parent should declutter toys. 

This is not a complete list of all the reasons I think parents should declutter the toys. But it is a great starting point for the endless benefits of less for children.

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how to declutter after the holidays

The holidays bring an cute awareness off of how badly we need to declutter. 

Piles of new stuff dominate piles of old stuff. Our everyday overwhelm from clutter is amplified by at least one hundred and it’s often the breaking point for many.

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How to declutter before the holidays

I mean really, the pre-holiday decluttering tips I have for you, aren’t really earth shattering to be honest. Mostly I want to tell you how to declutter before the holidays, now!

Even though, it’s super easy to say you’ll do it after the holidays, don’t. Start now. If you don’t, you’re going to have all the Christmas goodness stacked on top of the current clutter. And trust me, that’s not how you want to start the new year. 

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How to declutter before Christmas

Declutter your home so that you have the space to enjoy the parts of life that matter most to you rather than feel burdened by it.

Simplified baby gear!
decluttering with kids

Simplified baby gear!

I don’t know about you , but the more kids I have the less stuff I seem to be able to manage. Learn the essentials of baby gear.

Simplified books - a kid's perspective
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Simplified books – a kid’s perspective

Today I share with you why I actually DON’T believe that any more based on the experience of less books in my home and in my classrooms when I was a teacher.  

A kid's perspective on decluttering and simplifying - with my kid!
decluttering with kids

How kids declutter their stuff

My oldest daughter volunteered to answer several of your questions about decluttering from a kid’s perspective. She gives her best insight into what it’s like to live in a simplified home. She had a lot of fun with it, so much fun that she wants to start an entire series on how to help your kids do this for themselves, so watch for that coming soon! 

How we 'do' toys in our house and the full list of what we have
decluttering with kids

How to rotate toys at home

  Come learn FINALLY how I rotate toys for our kids of varying ages (1.5-13 years old), what toys we have and WHY.

decluttering with kids

Decluttering with kids in the home

 If you’re listening to this podcast chances are you are a mom with kids still in the house and you WANT to declutter… but you have kids. And when you declutter or try to get ahead your kids go behind you and undo the rest of it and it feels like it’s just a giant waste of time.

decluttering with kids

Clutter free gifts, family and friends

In this episode we get honest about WHY you have to stop letting your kids be the excuse you don’t declutter, or the REASON that you are going to declutter! When it comes to successfully decluttering with kids you have to understand the difference between a goal list and a to do list-


Toy clutter and wasted money

 In this episode we talk about how to get past all the money you spent on the toys that you want to declutter. This episode is about decluttering but its about so much more and that is the mindset behind why you haven’t decluttered yet.

decluttering with kids

Why donating toys is weird

 In this episode we talk about why we tell our kids we are going to donate their toys to kids who don’t have any, or who don’t have a lot and the twisted up message that unintentionally sends.

decluttering with kids

Simplified Christmas Part 2

Learn how to simplify your Christmas experience with your family this year!


What to do with your kids’ hand me downs

How do I manage hand me downs? Mom question from the Motherhood Simplified Facebook Community ! I have kids of different ages in opposite seasons