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The backgroun has half white, and half pink background. A darker pink box is overlayed with the quote in white bold font that reads "It's hard to delegate because not doing everything yourself often requires more work from you. You have to teach your family how to complete basic tasks. It's hard, and it's worth it."
Motherhood Simplified

How to delegate in the home

Learning how to delegate though can be hard! For so many reasons, especially as moms. We want support, but it’s confusing to figure out.

Delegation in the home and chore charts - this is how we do it! *sung to the tune of that song
Motherhood Simplified

Delegate in the home

Your family can help you – you do not have to be the only one to clean in your home.

How to delegate in your home and get HELP from your family
Motherhood Simplified

How to get help from your family

It is not sustainable for you to keep trying to run your household on your own. Learn how to delegate and ask for help in this episode.

The secret to "doing it all" as a mom
Motherhood Simplified

How to do it all as a mom (is this possible?)

I’ll be totally honest and LOVE being the one who “does it all”, I am a 3 on the enneagram and it just is what it is and I am who I am. BUT I know the secret – and it’s this… we do NOT do it all.