The best planner and to do list EVER

Here is the best planner and to do list system I have found as a mom.

I’m about to save you a whole lot of time on planners. Having a planner doesn’t make you productive and it doesn’t make you organized. It CAN if you use it, here is the best planner ever that I have found.

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This is a daily to do list hack – just a quick 10 minute episode. No planners needed, no complicated system.

You need a SIMPLE to do list.

All I use is a simple spiral, hardbound notebook. You probably already have one of these laying around your house. 

The night before make a quick list of things to do – make them super easy and impactful – water, vitamins, etc. and are non-negotiable for your physical health. Review it in the morning, and start checking it off.

Add in the things you need to do on that specific day – or want to do. Things like appointments, grocery shopping, etc. 

Add in the things that are your “stretch” to do. These are the things you would ideally get to, but not essential. This might be a call to a friend, or decluttering the bathroom. 

It’s really satisfying to check those things off, and for me really helpful to keep a running tab of it all. Otherwise I will just forget or avoid doing it.

Each night, move the things you didn’t get done, to the next day at night and make your new list!

One key component to doing this successfully is to keep your lists small. 

That might seem counter intuitive but the problem with most planners is that they have too many moving parts and are too much too fast. 

When it comes to creating a to do list, or planner type of system as a mom is to make it support you. If your lists start off too long you might use it for a day, week or month but it won’t last. 

Start with small, doable lists. Get into the habit of creating and following your lists and and then you can start to create larger ones! 

If something comes up throughout the day I add it in during the day. It’s so flexible and doable for you as a mom. 


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support