The biggest misconception about decluttering as a mom

This is the top misunderstanding I see moms have that holds them back from decluttering.

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How to make your home your home peaceful, creative and easy to clean up

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Here's the problem with being introduced to a totally new idea or concept.

People don't know how to understand it, and often don't trust it will actually work – or last.

Especially because we're exposed to trends that come and go in days.

No one understood what the Nugget couch was when it first came out. It's a couch your kids can rearrange AND it's super comfy? I don't understand. Then you saw it, and maybe got one (or two) and were like OMG THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!

The same is true when moms learn about Decluttering Simplified and thinking it's “just another checklist” or thinking that decluttering is something you should just know how to do without any true skills being taught to you.

 If decluttering was as easy as piecing together random checklists, and just getting rid of you stuff, we all would have done it by now right?  

(By the way.. how are those random checklists, and attempts to do it on your own working out? Not so great I'm guessing, I see it all the time and everyone does it at some point!)

Haphazardly trying to declutter with patchwork information you've found in random places and just moving things from place to place indefinitely isn't how you declutter a home, and keep it that way.

What does?

Implementing a step by step process that follows tried and true decluttering strategies that both remove your clutter, AND gets to the root of incoming clutter.

 It’s called Decluttering Simplified because I have truly made decluttering as simple as possible for you in this program – especially if you are a mom.

You know nothing about motherhood is simplified, so you need a program that IS. 

It’s a full approach to clutter in your home – including reducing what comes in, managing what you keep, and learning to let things go when it’s time. What I mean is, it’s not just a checklist to get rid of things once because you will always have things coming in, which means they will always be going out.

It’s all about learning the things about managing a home and stuff as a parent that you NEVER learned growing up. It’s transforming the way you raise your kids and teach them about consumption, personal responsibility and decision making, and caring for what you have and how you spend your time and energy.

 Decluttering Simplified teaches you to value your time, your energy and advocate for yourself and ultimately get to the root of ALL waste.  And teaches you how to balance your needs with the needs of your family so you aren’t the only one doing the work inside of the home.

If that sounds like you, then go get into Decluttering Simplified. You don't want to miss this opportunity to enroll!

*By the way, I truly mean “If this is you.” There are PLENTY of people who want to cut corners or just organize the clutter in their home. Those are NOT the people we want in the Decluttering Simplified.


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support