Hunter, founder of the Mindful Mama Mentor podcast and community is on a mission to change generational patters. 

Here is a snippet of her right from her website, and what you will learn about on this podcast episode:

When my daughters were young I struggled (to say the least!).

It was so much harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to be a that calm, perfect mama, but I was wracked with anxiety and my anger and frustration would rage.

My children were like little Zen masters showing me all the stuff I still have to work on.

Now I can see my anger, frustration and impatience as teachers in practicing a path of peace.

Becoming a parent was the biggest change in my life. And my girls give me powerful motivation to become calmer and more peaceful. Read more about my parenting story here.

We can be wonderfully imperfect mindful mamas. And we can live and parent knowing that peace begins within. We can choose to become the change we want to see in the world.

And these changes can (and will!) ripple out through generations.

When you are thriving, happy, and at peace, then you will give your best self to your family, work, and life. The way you live matters.

Not only will your family benefit from having a calm and fulfilled mama, but you will model mindful living.

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