Reducing workload for moms like you

Do you ever feel like you're doing a TON of work and not making any progress?

Maybe it even feels like you're falling further behind. I have news for you, you are not the problem. Your workload is just too high! I know as moms a lot of what we are responsible for can't just go away. This is episode is about removing all the things you can eliminate, like the pointless piles of stuff inside your home. 

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Last week I did an episode on why you might not be making progress with your decluttering efforts.

I want to spend some time talking a bit more about organization versus decluttering this week.
Decluttering and organizing are commonly interchanged. I definitely used them interchangeably, especially in my life as a teacher. It was like every conversation and interaction always led back to just “getting organized”. Or searching Pinterest for ideas.
Prior to 2013 when my family and I moved from Alaska to Florida, I don't think I had ever heard the word “declutter”. And further, I don't think it was a concept I understood or was aware of at all. At least not consciously.

I would accumulate A LOT, but rarely got rid of things. It's why I spent so much time organizing.

Sometimes I would throw out obvious things like dried playdough or expired food. But beyond that it was a whole lot of things coming in and nothing really ever going out. I call it, constipated house syndrome.
The closets neatly stacked were my jam. And although they appeared to be neatly stacked, they were not accessible. So really, my organizing efforts were totally fake.
I always wanted to buy more shelves and bins but they were expensive. And so I would just get “creative” or stack things in ways that made no sense, and couldn't be sustained.

This never ending quest to organize too much stuff made my workload SO large. 

As a teacher it was even worse. Shoe organizers, I was constantly trying to shift around bins and things to fit “just right” and the truth was it never would.
It would never fit in a way my kids could manage or remember because it was just so much. Imagine walking into an antique store and being expected to put everything back where it goes. It just isn't realistic to expect that in your home either.
Organizing on it's own doesn't work. And it's not because you aren't trying hard enough. It's because you're missing a big piece of the puzzle. And that is to declutter.
I offer a course to help you declutter your entire home start to finish. It gets you out of organizing and into decluttering. And back to organizing what you have left in a sustainable way. This course saves you a ton of money on organization supplies AND Time/energy spent on that short and long term.
Decluttering is the only thing you can do in your home that will not only save you time but GIVE you time for a very long time into the future.
Especially if you enroll in something like Decluttering Simplified where I also teach you how to manage incoming items to prevent reaccumulating. Don't do it alone, let me give you the shortcut!


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support