The only three decluttering tips you’ll ever need

These are the only three decluttering tips you will ever need!

These decluttering tips are all you need, and Decluttering Simplified is the only decluttering plan you will need!

Decluttering doesn't have to be hard, and it doesn't have to take forever. You have a to do list a mile long. It feels like decluttering is going to take years, but I am here to tell you it doesn't have to. 

We don't get time with our kids back, so today I want to give you 3 super simple tips for decluttering if you're a mom.

1. Break all of your decluttering projects down into bite sized pieces.

Once you have them broken down into bite sized pieces – break them down even further. Pop quiz time, read the following scenarios from pretend moms and choose which one is the BEST option for moms.

Mom #1:

“I'll declutter the house this weekend”. Then the weekend comes and goes. So then you say, I will do it next weekend, use some vacation time from work or wait until the in laws volunteer to take the kids to tackle it .

Mom #2:

I'll declutter the clothes this week. You stare at the piles of laundry unsure of where to start, for instance. You keep doing 1/2 a load of laundry a day trying to keep up because life doesn't stop or slow down. Eventually you decide to scrap that plan and moves on until the straw that breaks her back gets added on.

Mom #3:

I'm going to declutter this one counter, or pile on the stairs, and get it done. Immediately you think, “what a waste” that didn't even make a dent in my clutter.

Which mom did you choose? Better question – have you ever been any or all of these moms?

Here's the truth – mom # 3 is the only who actually moved the needle on her clutter and is one step closer to having a clutter free home.

And here's the more important truth: as moms, bite sized pieces are how we declutter our homes.

We massively underestimate what we can get done 15 minutes at a time, and even more, we underestimate what we can get done 15 minutes at a time for several days or weeks in a row. We tend to just see the stacks of stuff in front of us and lack the vision beyond that.

The results you want are going to come from these bite sized projects. Which brings me to the next tip…

2. Have a plan!

There is nothing worse than having the stars align, both toddlers napping, big kids not fighting, you finding uninterrupted time to finally declutter and then….

Standing there staring at it all not sure of what to do. Shifting things from place to place trying to figure out how to do it. Then they wake up and all you got done was moving the stuff from the kitchen counter to the stairs. Womp wommppp.

Make a plan. You can create your own plan, or you can get a plan from someone like me who has done it, and led thousands of other moms through it too.

Decluttering Simplified gives you the exact steps to take, in bite sized pieces so that you can have your home decluttered quickly and efficiently in just 4 weeks. If you have tried to create a plan before, and aren't sure what to do this course is for you! 

Be ready, which brings us to our final tip.

3. Have your head on a swivel.

If you're not living in a house with football lovers, this means to constantly be watching for pockets you can run into. Meaning where are the gaps in your day that you are wasting time on social media, watching Netflix or otherwise wasting precious minutes you could be using to declutter?

Do an assessment of your time. You can create time for yourself, and we all have more time than we think we do.

If you do these three things I promise you will make leaps and bounds toward your clutter free home.

What do you think?! Does decluttering your home feel more attainable if you used these three tips? 

If you are ready to be held accountable, and want a decluttering plan created for you join us in Decluttering Simplified! We are ready for you!

This program helps moms like you go from totally overwhelmed by clutter to having a clutter free home.  

Your mom life is too short to keep cleaning up the same messes all the time. Feeling overwhelmed by your home is not a way to spend your one season of motherhood. 

Here is what I have seen time and time again for moms like you who get into Decluttering Simplified:

They make fast progress on their clutter. Some moms have spent years decluttering before they join this course, and then declutter their home in just 4 weeks. 

When they get their homes decluttered, the positivity and clarity trickles into every area of their life. It's common for moms to get through this program and have too much time.

Their finances improve and many moms have saved enough money to pay double on their mortgages and pay off all of their debt. 

This course is about so much more than just having a clean, or organized home. It is about creating the home, life and season of motherhood your whole family deserves. 

Enroll and get started today! 

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