The sustainable minimalists

Come hang with Stefanie, founder of the Sustainable Minimalist podcast!

The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast is for women who want tidiness without trash.

Stefanie shares how to declutter in an eco-friendly way and shares some amazing tips on how to create boundaries with older generations.

I know that many of us value being as eco-friendly as possible. But for so many of us with small children at home it feels out of reach. Stefanie shares SO many simple ways we can make changes in our own homes that won’t create more work for us. 

The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast is for women who want to have a clean house without trash.

Stephanie Seferian is a stay-at-home/podcast-from-home mom and author who believes that minimalism and eco-friendliness are intrinsically intertwined. She’s here to explore the topics of conscious consumerism, sustainability, and environmentally-friendly parenting practices with like-minded women; she’s here, too, to show you how to curate eco-friendly, decluttered homes (without the extra work).