The Tidy Rebel , Kelly Haller

The Tidy Rebel and Motherhood Simplified team up!

Kelly Haller (aka the Tidy Rebel) and I sit and jam out on our thoughts on anti-minimalism and how to actually declutter in a way that feels good to you and your family.

You don't have to get rid of a single beanie baby in order to be organized and feel good in your home.  There is no moral high ground to depriving yourself of “extra” stuff.

However… two things can be true at the same time.  Minimalism can be used selectively in order to save you from the STUFF that you're constantly drowning in.  You can be a happy maximalist, and still apply the principal of minimalism to specific areas of your home.  This isn't an either-or world, and you get to make your own rules.

Krista Lockwood from Motherhood Simplified helps moms declutter and simplify their lives in order to maintain their sanity.  Because motherhood is a season that, well… might require some selective minimalism so that you can keep up with the specific challenges that motherhood brings (and free up room for more JOY instead).

Kelly and Krista discuss both of their minimalism journeys (one was by accident, while the other was on purpose).

They no longer believe that minimalism is a silver bullet to fix your problems.  Do we hate minimalism?  NO! Minimalism might be the right solution for your life. It helps to be damn sure before you dive off the deep end and end up regretting all the stuff. Stuff you later realize wasn't even the real problem.  We discuss who it might be right for, and how *not* to do it so that you stay in alignment with your values.

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Minimalism and decluttering can be a trend, and just another thing we feel we should do and that defeats the entire point to us.

I love me some Tidy Rebel.

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