Mia Danielle: why you have so much clutter

Mia Danielle and I get to talk about why we believe (from our expert experience) you have so much clutter.

I had so much fun talk to Mia Danielle in today's episode. We get to the root of WHY you have so much stuff and how to let it go.

Mia Danielle says it perfectly – give our selves sugar coated excuses and submit to defeat against the clutter before we really have a chance to live without it.

Basically your clutter has a big mouth and convinces you of a lot of things that simply aren't true.

Mia Danielle and I agree. You don't need to be more organized, you need less stuff.

Danielle shares about how when she became a single mother she was left with way too much stuff to manage and decided quickly that she was going to declutter to make her life easier. 

She started out by thinking that organizing was the issue, and she learned just like I did. You cannot organize clutter. We agree that YOU also do not need to be better at stacking and categorizing bins. You just need to eliminate the excess AND bins. 

Our childhoods affect our ability to declutter. 

We know this and see this when we inherit the habits and patterns of our parents. Often this is mistaken as a lifelong curse of being unable to declutter. Mia and I agree though that decluttering is a skill. Even better – we both teach you how to practice this skill! 

The cycle of burden and overwhelm

It's vicious. Sometimes it feels impossible to get out of but we promise that you CAN! All you need to do is tackle it one piece at a time and stop giving yourself sugar coated excuses for why you can't because friend, you CAN! 

Clear Your Clutter is the perfect place for you to start practicing your decluttering skills and ditching your clutter one piece at a time!

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support