Get the toys under control once and for all.

You've tried organizing them.

Implementing the whole put something away before you get the next thing out is great if you're running a classroom, or have unicorn children.

You're tired of toys feeling like more work, than actual play and pleasure.

No one can keep the toys cleaned up and organized if there are simply too many.

This free guide will give you:

  • A simple checklist to start downsizing the toys that are making play, and being at home less fun.
  • A preparation plan of action to make sure YOU are ready to do this, and lead your family (hint, you are, and I've got your back)
  • Scripts to use with your children to help guide them through the decluttering process - because they aren't just going to decide one day that they want to declutter on their own ;)
  • The tools to empower you and ignite the confidence I know you have to get this done for the sake of your entire family


Toy decluttering without tears

Sure, toys are fun and can even help nurture our children's development.

But too much of a good thing, is never a good thing. And right now that's the truth about your toy situation I am guessing.

Use this guide and ....

  • Watch your children's creativity go into over-drive
  • Be surprised by their newfound willingness and desire to help clean up
  • Have FUN at home again and actually use the toys and supplies you have instead of letting them sit there covered in dust.
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