Toy clutter and wasted money

How are you supposed to see past all the money wasted on the toy clutter?

Holding onto clutter, even if it is toy clutter, is not the same as having money in the bank. One of the biggest barriers to being able to declutter the toys is seeing all the money wasted if we choose to declutter.

Here's the thing though, you already spent that money. It's gone. Rarely does it ever come back to us in the form of money. 

The laws supply and demand apply here. Most families are also drowning in toy clutter.They are not willing to spend a lot of money on things they already have too much of. 

There is a large supply, with not much demand so the price you can sell at drops dramatically.

What were you told about money and toys as a child?

Often, when it comes to clutter and money we are just replaying the stories we were told as a child. Or, we are compensating for the stories we were told as a child.

For me, I had one parent who bought love. Toys and things were used as a form of manipulation and so for a long time I carried that into my toy buying as a parent. I would buy things as a way to make my children feel like I loved them.

One of my parents made it ever known that we did not, nor would we likely ever, have enough money for the things we wanted. I also carried this story with me by only shopping at thrift stores, dollar bins and clearance racks. Which inherently is not a bad thing. The thing that was “bad” was me trying to compensate for that story.

I was so used to believing I would never have enough of what I wanted, that I clung to and sought out ways to get what I wanted in large amounts for seemingly small amounts of money.

Of course my home was cluttered, as well as my heart and mind. 

This does not need to be your story though.

You can change the story you tell yourself about toy clutter and money. Get honest about how you want your kids to experience toys. Be honest about what you are spending your money on when it comes to toys, and how much you are spending. Often it is much more than we admit or even know. 

If you need help decluttering the toys, get into Toy Decluttering 101. You will learn exactly how to declutter the toys, with the kids, even if you struggle with letting go of the money you spent! 

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