two routines every mom needs

There are two routines I believe every mom can benefit from.

Routines DO create freedom. But when we think of routines a lot of us feel restricted or controlled. These two routines are golden for moms, and make it so the things you have to do are taken care of so you can do what you want to do.
Here are two that I think any mom would benefit from, and would give you evidence in your own life that routines and habits really can be supportive and freeing for you. These two routines will also help you gauge what you need to declutter.

Laundry: just one load and how it works

This routine is  doing just one load of laundry start to finish before starting the next one. One main reason moms fall behind on laundry is because they start a load, and then let it pile up in baskets. Or on the couch, treadmill, crib, etc. The problem isn't necessarily the laundry, it's not finishing the task and letting it build up to an amount that is too difficult to finish.

It is much easier to complete one load of laundry than to complete five or six. The likelihood of you getting the motivation, time and energy to actually do that many loads at once is rare. When you do one load at a time you get out of the cycle of having it back up and become too overwhelming. 

Dishes: immediately after eating/while cooking.

Similar to laundry, the problem really comes when it builds up into huge stacks of dishes. If you can do them as you go rather than wait until the sink is full to catch up it becomes much easier to do. 

The common truth with both of these routines as well is that you likely have too many dishes and clothes. When you implement these simple routines it helps you gauge how much you are using on  a regular basis as well. A clear perspective on how much you actually need will help your decision making process when you declutter. 

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