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As moms we already have limited time and energy. We are pulled here, there and everywhere and feel like there is just never enough time OR energy to actually declutter. Let alone the time and energy at the same time to get things done.

In this episode I help you discover why any and all small progress you can make in your decluttering process matters and how even though it might seem small and insignificant – it is not!! Decluttering has a HIGH ROI meaning that you can spend ten minutes here and there and it will give you hours of your life back.

… how time and energy doesn’t just fall into your lap, and likely never will

… how much I get that there isn’t really any “free” time but that you CAN find it

… why making small and incremental progress matters and DOES work in the short and long term

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Clear Your Clutter – a free decluttering challenge and checklist

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