What is Decluttering Simplified?

Let's talk about what exactly Decluttering Simplified is!

The first and most important thing you need to know is, Decluttering Simplified is a program designed to help moms like you. It is designed to help moms declutter their home in the simplest and most efficient way possible. 

Firstly, Decluttering Simplified is designed with Montessori principles and strong community based aspects.

I am a formally trained Montessori teacher. I know how a community of peers increasing the confidence, success rates and enjoyment of the community. 

Decluttering Simplified invites you into a circle of moms who are all following the same decluttering plan. You learn from moms who are further along in the process than you. 

Moms who are more experienced  support the newer moms. 

The reason this is so efficient is because we are all follow the same plan, and help each other along the way. This is the essence of collaboration over competition and will begin to impact all other areas of your life. 

Secondly, Decluttering Simplified was created with mom life in mind.

 I have five kids of my own. When I decluttered, I had three children. Moms need to declutter differently. You need someone who understands life with kids. The ones who ask for a snack every five minutes. Or the ones who are jumping on your lap right now.  

Never mind the older kids who are experiencing hormone swings and friend drama. 

You can do this plan in the cracks of your mom life. It is super simple and easy to do the steps laid out for you. 

Finally, You get simple accountability and sustainable decluttering support inside of Decluttering Simplified.

You can enroll in the course and get the plan. And you also need to implement it.

This is why I provide consistent accountability and support. Twice a month we declutter together! 

You won't just be given information then left to do it on your own. There is a community alongside you. 

Get all the details, and enroll right here.

Get the full transcript for this episode here.

1:28 – what is decluttering simplified 


2:24 – how the course fits with a Montessori mindset


3:26 – how it fits into life as a mom


5:31 – how Krista stays with you for ongoing accountability and community 


6:24 – why Krista keeps things super simple


7:44 – Krista regularly improves on this course as she watches how it works for real life moms


9:12 – framework of the course content


12:31 – bonus – toy decluttering 101 and clothes decluttering 101 + maintenance decluttering plan.


15:43 – accountability worked in


16:38 – twice a month co decluttering sessions 


18:23 – audio and video content. Most is transcribed.


21:15 – typical results


25:38 – track your progress


27:30 – mindset after decluttering


29:29 – recap of what is decluttering simplified the course


30:39 – what it is


31:09 – what it is not


33:00 – Krista's heart about why she does this


33:50 – https://motherhoodsimplified.com/declutteringsimplified


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support