How it feels to declutter your home

I decluttered my home once for a day and was done! HA! We all wish. 

Let me tell you the story of how it really went down and how it felt. My hope is to encourage you in knowing that whatever your circumstances are, you can do this. It won't be perfect or ideal but you can do it!!

It was lows, and then lower lows. It was hard.  I confronted all of my scarcity mindset issues, and got honest about what things were actually important to me, and what weren't. As a teacher mom this was a total challenge.

Not only did I declutter my home, but my 1,000 square foot preschool as well. I had enough supplies, toys and crafts to last ten years. That's not an exaggeration. 

My situation was not ideal. Not one part of it was.

When I decluttered my husband was living 4,500 miles away. I owned a preschool with operating hours of 7am to 5pm that was a 30 minute drive from home. My children were 7, 4 and 2. Everything was working against me.

Time. Help with my kids. Energy levels. Money to pay for a cross country move. 

My situation was about as inconvenient as it can be, yet I did it anyway. 

Whatever your circumstances are, you can do this. 

Emotions were high, for many reasons. I persevered anyway, but just barely.

Decluttering has a way of bringing up your “stuff”. All of a sudden I found myself struggling with things like what if I need this and just in case. Even more difficult was the immense guilt of getting rid of my kids things. Fear of not having what we needed and getting rid of useful items felt like salt in my wounds the entire time.

That doesn't even cover the guilt I felt as I watched an insane amount of things go to waste because I couldn't fine people to buy or accept my donations. 

Every night I would call my husband feeling angry, tired, burnout and overwhelmed. About one week from being done I tried to convince myself to extend the date and stay back in Alaska so that I could sell more of what we had. The guilt, fear and overwhelm almost beat me and I am glad it didn't. 

How did I actually do it and how can you learn from my experience?

I took tiny baby steps every day. My head was on a swivel watching for pockets of time I could get things done and sold. We have more time than we realize, and we can make more progress than we realized.

Often we get so caught up in how little we get done in a day and don't see how much that adds up to over time. A little bit everyday can literally declutter your entire home. I know because I have done it. Not only that I have helped thousands of moms do it, and I want to help you!

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support