What to do with all the clutter you can’t take to donation centers right now

#brainstormwithme What are you doing with all your stuff and piles while there is nowhere to take it?

Here are my ideas – take them or leave them AND add your own creative solutions!!

  1. Give directly to the source. My personal opinion – donation centers have been a VERY easy way for us to unload our excess in ways that leave us without a whole lot of connection or personal responsibility. I am 100% guilty of this. Having way too much that is overwhelming to me and being excited to drop it off knowing full well, that most of it was also going to a burden to the places taking my donations. I think this is a powerful time to put a lot of consideration into what we have, and who we give it to. Obviously use safe practices for sanitation, but I also believe that the world has not stopped turning and people will still be needing stuff (like my toddler and baby who have outgrown their clothes, and I can’t hit up our consignment store per usual). I am viewing my donations in a new way, with a whole lot more personal accountability than before when I could easily just drop it off and make it someone else’s thing to deal with.
  2. Be discerning about what is trash and even donatable/re-sellable. Many centers are aready having glorified trash left on their doorsteps. Many are already issuing the message that they will not be accepting donations for a long while to prevent the spread of Corona. Many are also addressing the long standing issue that they are overwhelmed with too much stuff and will not be accepting donations when they are already full. This is a powerful display of the truth that we haven’t been able to see before this which is that much of what is donated becomes trash because of overconsumption. Utilize your trash and recycling.
  3. Create piles within your home to go with a plan! Use a sticky note, tape or just a piece of paper labeled where they are going. Hide it in that closet (roganized and labeled), garage, spare bedroom. And then circle back to #1 and as much as possible find a direct source you can feel good about giving it to.
  4. Create a running inventory of what is in your home, what is needed and what you’re getting rid of. Move things to the to go list periodically as you realize they aren’t used, needed or wanted .

That’s all I’ve got!

What are your ways you’re doing this?!?! We need your help and ideas!