how to declutter when you’re overwhelmed

I get it, decluttering can be really overwhelming.

Which seems unfair because the clutter is what's making you so overwhelmed to begin with! Let's talk about how to declutter when you are too overwhelmed to even start. 

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Check out last week's episode called “the right way to declutter” and it will help identify why you may be experiencing difficulty letting go of your things.

And then here's my number one top to help you move past this guilt.

  1. Do something small. Anything small. Get rid of it, let it go. See how it feels after you are done. In the moment it may be hard, but long term it is fully worth it. And I know you believe that on some level because you are here listening to this podcast WANTING to declutter but being held back for some reason. That's okay.
  • Give yourself some time to reflect on how it went for you. It sucked in the moment, but now with your new experience you can see that nothing bad happened. No one was hurt. You feel relief, have more time and energy, etc.
  1. Now is the point where you can alleviate that guilt and transform it into something else. You likely feel guilty because you believe you are contributing to a problem (may or may not be true) but I do know that once you decultter you have the ability to be a part of a solution rather than just feel like the problem. Maybe that solution is being financially responsible within your family, serving your community better and being involved or helping creating sustainable living solutions for our planet. You just can't be a huge problem solver when you're so bogged down in the day to day, even if the day to day is getting stuck on what and how to declutter.


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support