When you’ve decluttered and still aren’t happy

This the ACTUAL end result of decluttering, spoiler alert. It isn't just a clean house.

It's the ability to actually see your life for what it is, and what is/is not working. The ability to know what to declutter when you've decluttered everything you can inside your home is the real end result. 

It's basically standing there as a naked and exposed version of yourself. I don't lead with this because honestly, it's not the sexy microwaveable answer people want.

There is a lot of truth in how your internal world mirrors your external world. 

Whether its falsely curated, or a total mess or something in between. 

When you've decluttered and still aren't happy, here are some reasons why:

  • 1. It doesn’t erase your past experiences and traumas 
  • 2. Your belief systems about yourself and your life don't change just by decluttering. 
  • 3. It doesn’t nurture relationships 

Here are some ways that decluttering the stuff in your home can still make you happy:

  • 1. It gives you relief 
  • 2. Your days become easier.
  • 3. You have a heightened sense of accomplishment and pride in your home 
  • 4. The time and energy you have for relationships increases.
  • 5. You eliminate a lot of the things that lead you to perpetually judge and shame yourself.
  • 6. Decluttering breathes life into us by creating an intentional void for something better to grow. 

It's stepping into a new normal. One where you have space, energy and clarity. Boundaries. Tolerance for only what serves you.

When we declutter, we can get to the ROOT issues of our lives. That is where the life changing magic of decluttering happens. 

After you've decluttered is when the real work begins.

Not to say decluttering isn't work, its about establishing boundaries to protect what you do want. The example of me absolutely freaking out over something I had put boundaries up and then felt like they were being violated and I absolutely was sent into a tail spin because I didn't want to go back to my old way of being.

In the same way we freak out when we've decluttered and family/friends go over board with gifts and hand me downs. You will get to a new normal where you aren't freaked out by being derailed any more .

So yes, we talk about decluttering and all the work that goes into it but we can't expect it to make us happy. Happiness isn't an end result or something that just comes once we've gotten rid of enough stuff. It happens when we decide to intentionally and always only keep things that align with our happiness. 

Show note timeline

4:10 – Krista's real life story – from 2 house full of stuff to 1 suitcase per person 

5:53 – learning to sit with yourself 

6:42 – declutting takes your from bogged down to freedom and brings clarity and space. 

7:15 – declutting gives you space in more places than just your physical space. 

9:05 – 2 reasons why you still feel dissatisfied after declutter 

11:27 – 3 ways that decluttering doesn't make you happy. 

13:50 – 6 ways that declutter does make you happy 

17:57: – podcast link for clutter shame spiral 

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24:58 – you have to put some effort in 

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