Here is why I don’t give you product recommendations

It happens so often. I post to social media with wise words from my heart designed to help you get rid of your clutter and I get comments like “where did you get that?”.

I take my job here at Motherhood Simplified very seriously. My entire focus is to help you declutter your home so that you have more time, energy and space to live the motherhood of your dreams. When I get asked where I got my stuff, or for product recommendations it goes against the entire focus, and purpose of every single blog, podcast and course I have created. 

The point of Motherhood Simplified and my work is to help you declutter. I can't in good conscience give enable to you get more stuff, especially if you haven't yet decluttered.

It is not the best use of my time and energy to give the details of what I have, or where I got it. It also is not the best use of your time and energy, and I am not here to waste your time, or energy. I definitely do not want to contribute to purchasing things you don't really need either. 

I am here to support and expand your time, money and energy and to direct it back into YOUR home. Not mine. 

There are plenty of other blogs, podcasts and influencers out there who will happily send you the links for their stuff. 

There isn't a single thing I own that will change your life.

Nothing I can sell you, other than my course would be aligned with the value I want to give you, and the way I seek to serve inside Motherhood Simplified. 

I will sing the praises of my course Decluttering Simplified all day long. Even encourage you to purchase it, because I know it will support you in the way that I aim to support you. I just can't support you buying more stuff, when I know you are struggling with clutter and trying to get it out. 

We are surrounded by quick fixes, and band-aid solutions, and distractions from the root issue and work that needs to be done.

The truth is, you need to declutter. You might think you need to “get organized” or need more storage. I disagree though. Those are a natural byproduct solution of decluttering. Doing them first only leads to burnout and wasting your time, money and energy. Trust me, I have tried. 

Sharing links or products I have take away from the bigger vision I have which is to help you master your home, and what is in it. Not to try and fit too much stuff into too little of a space.

And definitely not to lie to you and say that you just need better cleaning schedules and daily routines. That might be part of it, but will never be sustainable until you declutter. 

I am here to actually support you, and yes, I am a business and profit is essential for me as a business and mother, but I won't do it at your expense.

When you purchase a course from me I know it benefits you in the short and long term, and will save you time, energy and money and will give you your motherhood back .

When you purchase a course from me you break free from the belief that more, or different stuff is your answer. You learn first hand that you are not a bad housekeeper who doesn't have enough space, or organizational skills. You just have too much stuff.

I can say this in confidence because I have lived in a 27X8 foot RV. We only kept what fit in our space and it was easy to organize. We have very skewed perspectives of what we need. 

I know that when you declutter you stop caring what others have. You are only concerned about what you have.

No longer will you seek lists of toys, gadgets, and IKEA hacks. You get hyper focused on you and your home, and what's in it. 

If someone ever gives you a list of toys you need, you should be offended. You are the only one who know what serves your family, and what does not. 

What works for me, might now work for you. My lifestyle of homeschooling 5 kids is not the same as someone with one child.

There are so many degrees of needs, and wants. Home sizes are so variable.  

Your season of life, and needs will shift and change. In turn so will the stuff you have and keep. 

My goal here is to empower you to believe, and practice being the master and expert of your home. 

You will not ever find this balance until you stop looking through the virtual windows on Instagram and Pinterest and just take action in your own home. 

If you need help learning how to do this, my course Decluttering Simplified shows you exactly how to do it! 

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support