Decluttering in general is a challenge. When you’re a mom, it’s even more of one. 

Every day life as a mom is full of things to do already. Decluttering can feel like just one more thing on your list. I know you want to declutter, because you are here reading this, but maybe you just haven’t yet. 

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And if you are a mom, chances are I know at least one or more reason why that is. Lets break those down today. When you can understand the simple reasons why decluttering hasn’t happened yet, you can also start to understand the ways to begin to make it happen for you. 

  1. You have no energy. 
    Yep. I feel you. How are you supposed to add one more thing to you ever growing list? The daily messes take up all the energy you have to give. 
    Decluttering is front-heavy work. Meaning you do the bulk of it at the beginning and then it gets less and less. Not only does the work of decluttering get less and less, it’s the only thing that will make your daily messes less as well. 
    Which directly means more energy for you! And energy you can spend on way more fun things that decluttering or cleaning. 
  2. The whole process can feel daunting. So even though you want to declutter, you just don’t know how or where to start. 
    Great news! I have your back with the resource linked below! Clear Your Clutter and Decluttering Simplified are decluttering programs to help moms like you make this happen. 
    These guides help you declutter with your kids around, work through your just in case and what if hesitations. As well as dealing with family who isn’t on board with decluttering (like your kids who want to keep everything) and more!
  3. You have an all or nothing, or perfectionist, mentality that keeps you from starting. You think that if you can’t get it all done at once, what’s the point?
    This will stop you from ever making significant progress. As moms we need to declutter differently than people without kids. Often that looks like small bite-sized projects we can do in the cracks of our days. The guides below give you these simple to follow decluttering plans!

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