You can have a clean house AND have time for your family

Clean house or time with your kids?

Do you feel like you have to choose between a clean house, or time with your kids?

I know we have seen that meme that says something along the lines of “you can have a clean house, a home cooked meal, or me dressed and ready, but not all of them”. 

Check out what Jenna, an alumni of Decluttering Simplified has to say about this though:

I love to cook and bake. I’m a whole foods kinds of person (deep in the trenches as a Whole30 devotee) and I love good food and I love knowing all the ingredients in my food. Before decluttering, I would always make jokes like “I’m ignoring my house so I can make good food,” or “You either get good food or a clean house.” But today, as I have a brisket going in the instant pot and I’m now working on peanut butter cookies, I can confidently say I did NOT ignore my house. My house is in manageable order AND we’re going to have good food.

One of the most noble things a mom can say is “I choose to spend time with kids instead of spending all of my time cleaning my house”.

A noble, noble thing to say. However, an overwhelming, cluttered home makes it nearly impossible for me to be present with my family like I want to be.

I want to share something kinda scary to admit.I don’t believe moms should have to choose between having a clean house OR spending time with their family.

I believe you can have both. Because I do, now. The moms I teach, nor I, are not more special or gifted at cleaning than you. We just have figured out the secret to having BOTH and want to teach you how.

You can have a clean house AND spend time time with your kids

We don’t need to have Pinterest perfect homes, and we don’t need to sacrifice the things we want. If you’re like me maybe you feel like you need justify why your home looks a certain way. Or why the dishes aren’t done. Perhaps you also feel the need to make sure you’re delegating all of your minutes every day to your family. 

Managing your home though shouldn’t feel overwhelming. It shouldn’t feel like balancing a glass jar on your head. You know, one wrong move will send it all crashing down. 

It sounds nice to say “I’d rather spend my time with my kids than cleaning all the time”

But this linear way of thinking is very damaging to us as mothers. It makes us think that our life is either, or.

We think the solution to our overwhelm is to pretend it doesn’t exist and proclaim our time is better spent on things that don’t give us stability, ease and happiness.

It’s okay if you want a clean home, or if a clean house makes you happy. A clean house for me means I have more mental and emotional bandwidth to give myself and my family. It means not spinning my wheels, or going one hundred miles an hour all the time.

Decluttering allows me to get to the end of my days knowing I was present with my kids, AND I can sleep easily knowing when I wake up there won’t be yesterday’s messes waiting for me. 

All I have to do is wake up and feed the kids. And drink coffee. 

… the truth that this seemingly noble practice is actually an excuse

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