Your clutter isn’t that special

The clutter you're clinging to, and tricking yourself into thinking REALLY is valuable, is not.

 It is the exact same stuff as Susy's down the street and Barbara's on FB marketplace. No one wants it. Not even you. Your clutter isn't that special.

We all have our own clutter. And we believe that our clutter is the only clutter that is ACTUALLY useful. Just in case, what if, saving money, and all of the other reasons we hold onto our clutter are all true for our stuff.

Slow wink.

What if I told you that ALL of your clutter is the exact same stuff that everyone else has?

Would you be brave enough to this episode and dare to shift your mindset about your clutter and see it for what it really is? An overabundance of stuff designed to steal your time, energy and in essence, your life.

All of those reasons you keep your clutter, are the exact same as everyone else's. No one's clutter is really that special. 

We know this because marketplace and thrift stores are packed with all the same things. 

The definition of clutter is excess stuff, overflow and things that don't fit into a designated space. It's not special.

The endowment effect makes us think that our clutter is WAY more valuable and special because it's in our possession

What this looks like is wanting to sell our toys for $20, and only being willing to pay someone $5 for the same thing.

We value the things we have, more than what other people have. This skews our perspective and ability to release our clutter because it FEELS more special than others perceive it to be. 

This is a normal thing to happen, so don't feel bad. Once you know it you can more accurately price your items to sell, or just donate them when you realize it's not worth your time to try and sell. Or even further, trash it because donation centers cannot sell it either. 

Here is a list of reasons why people think their clutter is special, and why they're keeping it

They spent money it.

It was a gift.

It could be used some day.

What if you get rid of it, and don't have it. Or the money to replace it.

Someone can use it for something.

It has sentimental value.

Everyone has virtually the same reasons for keeping things, and thing it's unique to them and their stuff. It's not! Your stuff is not that special, nor are your circumstances. 

You can shift your perspective about what is truly valuable to you, and not

The point of decluttering is never to just get rid of stuff for the sake of getting rid of it. Decluttering should help you get clear on your values and what you want for your life. 

Maybe you do find comfort in having a lot of first aid supplies, so you keep those. But maybe it's not in the form of 8 half used neosporin bottles scattered throughout the house. 

Or basements full of toy rotation toys that never get played with. Clothes that have sat in bins for years untouched that could have been worn by someone rather than left alone. There are so many things your clutter can do if it's released. Even if the thing it does is get out of your way. 

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