How to declutter before the holidays

Christmas is coming, and the time is now to get started decluttering your home!

I mean really, the pre-holiday decluttering tips I have for you, aren't really earth shattering to be honest. Mostly I want to tell you how to declutter before the holidays, now!

Even though, it's super easy to say you'll do it after the holidays, don't. Start now. If you don't, you're going to have all the Christmas goodness stacked on top of the current clutter. And trust me, that's not how you want to start the new year. 

Start decluttering now, not after Christmas

Have you ever heard the phrase, prepare for the winter in the summer? It means to prepare early. If you want a clutter free home for Christmas, you must declutter well before Christmas. 

It's easy to find reasons not to. But, it can also be easy to find reasons to start now.  Here are 3 reasons to start decluttering now

  1. If you wait, you will have more stuff to declutter after Christmas.
  2. It's harder to make decisions on what to keep, and not keep, the longer you take to decide.
  3. Decluttering now will save you money on Christmas gifts because you will realize how much you already have, and how little you actually need.

So, yes, I know this time of year is about to get busy. But, any time of year is busy and you will always find a reason NOT to declutter, unless you decide to find more reasons to just do it. 

Create a decluttering plan for the holidays

If you don't know what you are doing, it will never get done. Create a decluttering plan. Write it down. Set a date for when and where you will be taking your clutter. 

Check those boxes off and get it done! 

If creating a decluttering plan from scratch sounds confusing and overwhelming, get the decluttering plan, Decluttering Simplified, that I created for moms like you right here! 

Don't overthink your plan, and just take action

In other words, let it be simple. Decluttering doesn't have to such and you can get it done pretty easily, actually! 

The hardest part about anything, even decluttering, is thinking about it. It's hard to imagine all the details and know exactly how it will work. So yes, you need a plan, but you also need to DO that plan. 

All decluttering is, is getting rid of the excess stuff in your home that you don't have room for. You know exactly what to do, and how and if you want it done before Christmas you need to start now!

I am leading a group of moms through my course Decluttering Simplified so that they can have their homes decluttered BEFORE Christmas. 

They are well on their way, and you can be too! Even if you're reading this in December 2020 or after, the best time to start decluttering is ALWAYS now!

You always have something to look forward to in life, and something you are moving toward.

Your home is the hub of your life and you deserve to make it work for you, which means clearing out the excess and clutter. 

I can show you exactly how to do this, in just 4 weeks in Decluttering Simplified so that it's quick and easy! Check it out right here!


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support