Just in case clutter and how to let it go

Do you want to declutter but feel stuck because of “just in case”?

If just in case holds you back from decluttering, congratulations! You are totally normal. 

Just in case stems from the part of brains designed to keep us safe. We hold onto things so that we don't get stuck in a bad situation. Not enough money to replace the thing we need, be left high and dry.

Here is the thing about just in case though – it isn't the rational part of brain doing the thinking. 

One of my favorite examples is having 6,000 band aids just in case. If you ever need 6,000 bandaids what you actually need is a doctor. Those aren't going to help you.

I know that is a dramatic example but the same concept applies to all of our stuff.

I think it's important to make our homes work for us right now, not just a hypothetical future. 

What if I need to use 3 crock pots at once? Well, that's a very modern problem and you are creative and resourceful.

What if I need to wear those three bins of clothes I never wear? All at once? That's very unlikely. 

What if my kids want to use that toy they haven't played with in months, or years? Again, unlikely. And if they do, a relatively small problem to have.

This is what just in case does to us. It takes these very small, potential, not even guaranteed problems and amplifies them.

Just in case shines a big huge magnifying glass on make believe scenarios in the future and convinces us to trade our right now time, energy and sanity for it. 

We think that our problems are not having something in the future when we might need it. In other words, not having enough.

When really the bigger problem we actually have is way too much right now. 

It is important to be prepared for the future, and for emergency situations. In order to do that though we need to define what that is, and what we actually need. Is bandaids for life how you want to utilize your space? 

Financial savings are important as well, so is it worth spending all your liquid cash on things like soaps on sale and food you buy but goes to waste?

Being prepared IS important, but you need to know what you are preparing for, and how the things you are keeping prepare you, or don't. 

Just in case is really just fear in disguise. 

It is keeping us operating from a place of fear of not enough. Fear of the worst case scenarios. Not having enough, and being unable to get what you need.

It is something we think gives us security, but fear and security can't operate in the same room. 

True security doesn't come from piles of random stuff. It comes from trusting your own resourcefulness. Being intentional about what you have, keep and why. How you set your home up for lasting security that matters to you. 

All of this is near impossible to do if you are drowning in your clutter.

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